Bootlegger’s Brewery

Bootlegger’s Brewery evolved out of the local craft beer scene and has remained committed to providing its neighbors with the most incredible quality beer possible. They feel that serving fresh, locally brewed beer helps establish a stronger community. Aaron Barkenhagen, the company’s grandfather, had long dreamed of opening their first tasting room around Fullerton, California, which they did in 2008. Instead, in keeping with their motto of “Drink Fresh, Drink Local,” they have opened a new tasting room and Brewery in Costa Mesa while concentrating on distribution in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.


Craft Beer is growing fast, and while many of these breweries produce excellent products, their primary focus is not necessarily on their customers. In the case of Bootlegger’s Brewery, the “family first” philosophy has assisted them in molding the way they conduct their business. Taking pride in being a part of the Orange County community, Bootlegger’s Brewery ensures that everyone who visits one of their tasting rooms, purchases a beer, or tours their brewhouse becomes more than just a consumer. Everyone who takes a sip from one of their beers, whether a casual drinker or a die-hard devotee, becomes a member of their family.

Owners Aaron and Patricia Barkenhagen have worked tirelessly since establishing Bootlegger’s Brewery in 2006 to guarantee that their family has access to the highest-quality craft beer the Orange County region has to offer. Their workforce contributes significantly to the growth of their brewery, thanks to their extensive training and knowledge. They work together to deliver fantastic service and high-quality brews due to their immense assistance. In addition, they have a strong desire to welcome newcomers into their family while welcoming regulars back with open arms.

During his Entrepreneurship class at California State University, Fullerton, in 2006, Aaron, the company’s founder, realized he had an opportunity to turn his long-time homebrewing hobby into a financially viable business. He began refining his company idea, which he then presented to a glass panel. Without realizing it, he had leased an 1800-square-foot building, purchased a seven-barrel brewhouse, and was well on his way to establishing Fullerton’s first operational Brewery. Bootlegger’s Brewery opened its doors in April 2008 after more than a year of building and sold its first keg to a well-known neighborhood bar in Downtown Fullerton.

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