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Disaster Restoration Professional Services for Tampa Homes & Businesses

If you’re experiencing water leaks, fires, and mold at your home or office, contact Restoration Champ, a professional disaster restoration service in Tampa. If you’re concerned about property damage or would like us to assess your property, contact us today, and we’ll drop by as soon as possible. [gravityform id=”8″ title=”false” description=”false” ajax=”true” tabindex=”49″ field_values=”check=First Choice,Second Choice”]

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Disaster Restoration Professional Services for Tampa Homes & Businesses_FL

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Tampa Facts & Figures

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tampa is mainly known for being a significant business center known for its many museums and other cultural attractions. It’s also home to numerous amusement parks and animal-viewing areas.

  • Population: 397,085
  • Industries: tourism, health, finance, insurance, technology, construction.
  • Area Codes: 813
  • Surrounding Cities: Tampa, Egypt, Saint Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Lake Magdalene.


Water Damage & Restoration Services in Tampa

Water damage can turn into natural hazards if not controlled in due time, not to mention concealed water leaks or plumbing issues can cause mold as well. If you require expert water damage restoration services in Tampa, contact us, and we’ll send a team to the property to make a professional assessment.

Because often, water damage occurs due to concealed water spillage from plumbing issues, it will ‘eat’ at your walls and furniture and, if not taken care of immediately, can turn into a severe flooding issue. If you suspect a pipe leakage or have water damage, contact us, and we’ll drop Tampa off.



Fire & Smoke Expert Restoration Services in Tampa

Fires hazards take a significant toll on homeowners. If you’ve experienced fire damage in Tampa, contact us. We’ll send a team to inspect your property and assess the damages. We do not advise that you undertake the job independently but instead consult with a fire and smoke damage specialist to assess the damages.

One of the reasons why working with a specialist is essential is because smoke molecules can get stuck in your house’s walls and other surfaces, and it can still release a smoke-like odor even post-cleanup. So, if you need a fire and smoke specialist in Tampa, call us our smoke restoration specialists, and we’ll drop by for an assessment.


Tampa Mold Removal & Remediation Services

Mold infestation is an annoying reality for most homeowners, especially those who live in highly humid environments. Mold may also appear when there’s a concealed pipe leak or general plumping issues, and since mold takes just 48-72 hours to produce allergens and irritants, it can have negative health consequences. Because of this, it’s essential to take care of it professionally as soon as possible. If you have a mold issue on your property, contact our mold removal and remediation services in Tampa, and we’ll send a team your way.



Decontamination & Disinfection Cleaning Services in Tampa

Restoration Champ is your go-to decontamination & disinfection cleaning service in Tampa and will help remove any hazardous contaminants or leftovers that might endanger your health. As professionals, we always strive to follow strict protocols set by the CDC. Our years of experience in removing biological contaminants make us one of Tampa’s top choices for decontamination and disinfection jobs.

We are more than a simple cleaning crew; we offer expert disinfection and decontamination cleaning services in Tampa and can tackle both porous and non-porous surfaces and materials, including cleaning different equipment, tools, and supplies. If you need our services or have any questions contact our decontamination and disinfection team in Tampa, and we’ll drop by immediately. 


Reconstruction Property Services in Tampa

Both small and big reconstructions jobs require professional supervision when your property has been affected by water, fire, or mold damage. If you’re currently in need of a property makeover, call Restoration Champ, your trusted reconstruction specialist Tampa. Our team can manage most reconstruction project types and ensure that your vision is respected and you’re always happy with the result. Make sure to call us, and we’ll get the process rolling to rebuild your property in Tampa.

restoration champ tampa fl reconstruction restoration installation master roof house


Scene & Trauma Cleanup Company in Tampa

Let’s assume that a tragic accident occurred in or near your property; know that you will need professional help to clean the bloody aftermath. If you find yourself in a situation such as this one, call a scene and trauma cleanup company in Tampa to help you deep clean and disinfect any biological materials and contaminations from your property.

A job like this will require stare-of-the-art tools, training, and knowledge to remove hazardous materials. So, make sure that you call a professional company instead since we don’t recommend exposing yourself unnecessarily to hazardous waste that could affect your health. If you need to hire a scene and trauma cleanup company in Tampa, call us, and we’ll drop by to evaluate your property remove all hazardous contaminates.

Neighborhoods we service in Tampa, FL

  • Hyde Park
  • Downtown
  • South Tampa
  • Channel District
  • Seminole Heights
  • Ybor City
  • Beach Park
  • Davis Islands
  • Bay Shore BeautifulSunset Park
  • Ballast Point

Zip Codes in Tampa, FL

Show Zip Codes

  • 33602
  • 33603
  • 33604
  • 33605
  • 33606
  • 33607
  • 33609
  • 33610
  • 33611
  • 33612
  • 33613
  • 33614
  • 33615
  • 33616
  • 33617
  • 33618
  • 33619
  • 33620
  • 33621
  • 33629
  • 33634
  • 33635
  • 33637
  • 33647
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Here Are The Top Cities We Serve.

  • San Diego
  • Denver
  • Golden
  • Manhattan
  • Bronxville
  • Brooklyn
  • Miami
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Knoxville
  • Provo
  • Salt Lake City
  • Washington
  • San Diego
  • Orlando
  • Salt Lake City


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To spare them further emotional and financial headaches, those who have dealt with the devastating consequence of water, mold, or fire damages need to talk to a restoration specialist in Tampa.

Whenever you’re dealing with an uncontrollable water leak or plumbing issue, make sure you contact a professional restoration expert and never attempt to do these jobs on your own without professional supervision. Reconstruction projects require expertise, skill, and knowledge, so if you need reconstructions, and general restorations in Tampa, call us, and we’ll make do.

After we get all the details of your situation, we will dispatch a team to your property to perform a damage assessment and offer a step-by-step plan involving the reconstruction and restoration of your property in Tampa.

Do not allow your situation to escalate and talk to a professional as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us anytime. If you do, however, suspect that you might have plumbing issues or mold, get in touch, we’ll do an assessment and share a plan of action, and do our best to rebuild your property in Tampa.