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Help Is One Call Away





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Avoid the Stress of Water, Fire, and Mold Damage with your Property in Los Angeles, CA

Living in Los Angeles means living among the movie stars of America! Most people think of Beverly Hills because of its cultural popularity. But recently, many people have been looking to live in Santa Monica. This area is considered to be one of the most sought-after places in Los Angeles. Even though it’s known for its stunning beaches and laid-back residents, your plumbing issues can often hinder your enjoyment of Santa Monica.

One common problem is clogged drains, which put homes at risk of sewage backups, flooding, and property damage. A flooding sink or toilet can cause thousands of dollars of damage including ruined carpets, floors, and walls. So, if you do live in Santa Monica, and you experience sudden clogging of your drains, get it addressed quickly by a restoration service you can trust.

Restoration Champ is committed to getting your life or business up and running again so you can stop feeling helpless and stressed. The process is simple — start by giving us a call. Once you connect with our service specialists, you’ll have taken the first step to restoring your life to normal. We believe you are not alone when difficulty strikes and you deserve a team of qualified, service-minded professionals coming immediately to your aid. We help you get your property back so you can focus on getting back to life as you remembered it.



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