George W. Marston House

The George W. Marston House, also known as the George Marston House and Gardens, and known as the George and Anna Marston House or the Marston House, is a museum and historic property in the San Diego area managed by the Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO).

The George W. Marston House is located in Balboa Park in San Diego, in the United States of America. There are five acres of grass and gardens surrounding the 8,500 square feet of a residence. Construction on the house began in 1905 and was also completed in 1905. The George Marston House is a prime example of Arts and Crafts Movement architecture. The three-story mansion and grounds, which belonged to George White Marston (1850–1946) and his wife, Anna Gunn Marston (1853–1940), were a bustling family residence, where two of the Marston children were married, and the eldest lived out her days.

George W. Marston House

The mansion was conceived and built by renowned architects William Sterling Hebbard and Irving Gill, who was also involved in the construction process. The rooms in the house are decorated, with a range of diverse pieces designed by notable architects and designers Gustav Stickley, L. & J.G. Stickley, and Charles Limbert, among others. The furniture by Gill, Mead, and Requa and a plane air art show. Paintings by Alfred Mitchell, Maurice Braun, and Charles Fries are also noteworthy space features. Many of the original pieces from the family’s collection are still on display at the museum.

According to a generic press statement from Marston House, “The family’s home consisted of two stories plus an attic space. Redwood-paneled chambers on the first level, through a wide hallway that narrows to contain a seat built into the stairway. Open to the south terrace and overlooking the grass and canyon, the living room and adjoining oak-paneled dining room are spacious and airy. The home features six bedrooms, a sleeping porch, and four bathrooms on the north wing of the second floor as well.”

The Marston House was donated to the City of San Diego by the Marston family in 1987. The house was converted into a museum that same year. It is currently maintained by the Save Our Heritage Organization (SOHO), which also operates the museum and gift store on the property, where the carriage house is.

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