Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory, situated at 2800 E. Observatory Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90027-1299, is the most-visited public observatory in the world. Its history starts with one man’s vision and reflects invention, innovation, the inspiration that also characterizes Los Angeles. The historic nature of this building can be seen as it stands on its original site since 1935 despite facing many obstacles along the way due to natural disasters like earthquakes or fires, which destroyed much infrastructure nearby at some point during their respective reign periods (the 1930s – 1970).

Griffith Observatory is a place that reflects the vision and innovation of its founder and has become an attraction for people from all over Los Angeles. From 1935 to today’s time period–the doors have been open continuously without interruption. In addition, being visited by more than two million visitors annually – many come just because they want pictures taken in front or alongside this iconic landmark.

The observatory’s benefactor, Griffith J. Griffith, actually had specific requirements when designing the building; he needed it not only to be open for public viewing but also to provide education on astronomy too! The idea was still very new at this time period, so specifications like these weren’t really necessary yet–but they’re what makes your visit there worth every penny today.

This observatory was built in 1935 to provide southern California with an observatory. The building has been updated and expanded many times over the years, most recently from 2002-2006, when it reopened after being renovated for today’s modern viewers who are interested not only in astronomy but also other sciences too. Since then, there have even been opportunities created by media coverage which allows more people than ever before access this historic landmark because now they understand its importance as much if not better than those that were born into seeing things first hand themselves or knew someone else here at one point.

This is an iconic Los Angeles landmark that has been open to the public since 1935. The first concept for this observatory emerged in 1904 when its founder Griffith J. Griffith had his profound experience observing through Mt Wilson telescope and decided there needed to be a place where people could share these transformative moments by looking up at the night sky together with him as he did then – over 76 years ago.

Griffith Observatory is a public institution that operates on behalf of the City. You can support their programs by donating money to the Foundation or volunteering your time.

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