Griffith Park

Griffith Park, situated at 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027-1401, is one of the most expansive municipal parks in America, with over 4,200 acres to offer. The natural landscape has an elevation range from 384-1 625 feet above sea level and includes both chaparral- covered terrain as well as landscaped parkland for visitors’ enjoyment. With scenic natural areas covered in chaparral and landscaped parks for more conventional activities like picnicking or ballgames, there’s something here that everyone will enjoy.

The park that was once just an idea in Griffith’s head has now become one of America’s most well-known parks. The man who started it all is also widely credited with being a passionate advocate for healthy living through recreation, which helped make LA what it is today.


Hiking and public transit are two of the best ways to explore Griffith Park. Hikers will find that many trails offer expansive views, as well as opportunities for camping or overnight stays along their journey up into the high country. The DASH Observatory/Los Feliz Shuttle7 days a week can be used by those looking not just to visit historic observatories such as this one but also summit some great local landmarks like Mt Hollywood Sign with its iconic red letters spelling out “HOLLYWOOD” on top – it doesn’t get more quintessential in Los Angeles California area than this spot does.

Take a trip back in time at Griffith Park’s Native American villages, tour some of L.A.’s best educational institutions or enjoy miles upon endless trails! There are so many things to do when visiting this iconic green space because it still has its original features from years ago- not all have been changed over time like buildings and other attractions often get remodeled after they’re built–which means you can see how much everything used to look before any additions were made on top Therefore if your looking for something different than what everyone else might go out there every day then come visit sometime.

There are different ways to get to Griffith Park. The most direct would be from Los Feliz Boulevard on I-5, but there’s also an exit for it just off the Golden State Freeway (I 5) at SR 134 Eastbound or Westbound depending where you want to enter this lovely park. If coming from Victory Blvd in either direction, take a left onto Zoo drive before reaching Forest Lawn Drive; if going west, use both signs until they merge into one another, then head straight towards your destination, which will lead right up into the visitor center without any problem whatsoever.

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