Harry P. Leu Gardens

Visitors who want a taste of Florida without going to the swamps should head over to Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando and enjoy their beautifully manicured gardens with walking paths winding through it all. The Harry P. Leu Gardens is a must-see for any visitor around Orlando, FL. It’s only minutes from downtown and boasts 50 acres of beautiful flora, fauna in its lush greenery. The stunning 50-acre garden boasts gorgeous plants and creatures just minutes away from downtown attractions like Disney World.

The Harry P. Leu Gardens is a magical place for all ages to enjoy the outdoors and learn something new every time you visit. In addition, there are movie nights hosted in our gardens that will make it feel like home again. So no matter what season we’re going through right now – summer holidays just around the corner- you can find this spot here waiting.


This garden’s landscape and architectural design were; donated to the city- Orlando by its original owner for public use in 1961, but it’s only been receiving guests since then. Attended by moviegoers every day or educational seminar participants at night depending on what you’re looking forward to, there are truly endless opportunities here.

Open daily between 9 am, and 5 pm, the Harry P. Leu Gardens are a welcome oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic world. A botanical paradise just minutes from downtown Orlando and founded by local industrialist Mr. Leu, who would bring back rare plants for his blossoming project – These beautiful gardens have been around since1930’s.

You can find the 50 acres of landscaped grounds and streams at the back of this tropical garden. With 200-year-old oaks for shade, there’s always a place to sit under an ancient tree while you explore all that it has in store! Don’t forget about their Leu House Museum either; after your adventure, finish up with some picnic lunch on one of its beautiful patio tables.

Situated at 1920 N Forest Ave Orlando 32803, The Harry P. Leu Gardens is a beautiful oasis for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustles of day-to-day life. Still, it’s also just minutes from downtown Orlando. You can twist through winding pathways among century-old majestic oak trees. Or, experience paradise by strolling through tropical stream gardens filled with gingers (cycads), bananas & other exotic species all over color gardens where you might even encounter some butterflies too.

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