Houston Museum of Natural Science

A few thousand years ago, humanity was practically living in ‘darkness,’ and life was just but merely essential. Milk your cows till your land, eat, sleep, repeat. However, that wasn’t always going to remain the same, thanks to science and innovative minds. Over a brief period, humanity has advanced to scientific heights so high that the previous generations would deem impossible. That is science and innovation for you.


Located on the northern border of Herman Park, the HMNS, as it is abbreviated, was established in 1909 by the renowned Houston Museum and scientific society. Its primary purpose was to provide the general public with free education, research, and science complex. Since its inception, the Museum has attracted millions of visitors, if not hundreds of millions. To understand these numbers and the impact that the Museum serves, it receives approximately 2 million visitors annually!

Towering at a huge four floors, the Houston Museum of Natural Science boasts vast science halls and exhibits, both temporal and permanent. In addition, at the Museum, you will find other exciting attractions such as the Cockrell Butterfly Center, the Burke Baker Planetarium, and the Wortham Giant Screen Theater, to name a few.

When we speak of serenity, the Cockrell Butterfly Center is without a single doubt the perfect paragon. Towering three stories high and enclosed in glass, the Cockrell Butterfly center houses virtually all butterfly species as well as tropical plants. Besides the tranquility that the Cockrell Butterfly Center exudes, it goes a long way to ensure that both local and foreign visitors take a piece of valuable knowledge with them back home. The Burke Baker Planetarium provides an entirely different experience to its visitors. Here, you will find an array of varying science and astronomical shows.

There is so much that the Natural Science Museum of Houston has got to offer, and words can express so little. From the facility’s purpose to extraordinary and unique exhibits, not a friendly workforce, it gets better and better with every visit. So if you’re looking for a fulfilling venue that you and your friends can tour while in the city of Houston, TX, then the Houston Museum of Natural Science has got to be on your bucket list of places to travel. So what are you waiting for?

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