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For hundreds of thousands of years, humankind has always been fascinated by the stars and emptiness of space. For instance, not so long ago, man was awed by the things we’d consider in our lifetime as nothing out of the ordinary. For example, if a meteor fell from the skies, some would consider it a sign from the gods. However, that is not the case in our world today, as we’ve been privileged to learn about these things and understand them.


Speaking of space and all that, Houston Space Center is a facility that houses a variety of space-related activities. Johnson Space Center Houston, which serves as the official visitor center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center in the Houston, TX area, is a must-see site in the city. In this massive structure, you may walk around the replica space shuttle Independence and the gigantic shuttle carrier aircraft it is mounted on. Visitor center features include a facsimile of America’s first space station, Skylab, and the opportunity to touch a rock from the surface of the moon. This is also the place to find out about NASA’s future missions, which may include a trip to Mars, among others. If you come here on a Friday around noon, you might even have the opportunity to meet an astronaut.

You may take an open-air tram tour from the visitor center to Johnson Space Center, which is home to mission control and where astronauts prepare for space missions, to see where astronauts train for space missions. This tour also includes a visit to Rocket Park, where you can witness real rockets in action. If you merely want to see Rocket Park, there is no payment for you to do so. Instead, drive up to the guarded gate and let them know you’d like to come in; they will let you in without a problem.

A Level 9 Tour, which provides a behind-the-scenes peek at Johnson Space Center, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see something truly extraordinary. You will be able to see the Buoyancy Lab, the International Space Station Mission Control, and simulation labs, as well as other locations that are not accessible on ordinary tours, and you may even get to meet an astronaut. As a result, only 12 tickets are; sold per day for this special VIP tour, which lasts four to five hours and is available exclusively to those who have purchased a ticket in advance. Tours begin at the Space Center Houston, which you are welcome to explore at your leisure as part of your ticket purchase.

The NASA Space Facility Houston and City Sightseeing Tour is a handy method to view the Houston Space Center during your vacation to the city. The tour includes free entrance to the space center and a bonus 1.5-hour open-air bus tour of the city’s most important attractions.

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