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With a 55-acre oasis in the center of Houston, Texas, and close proximity to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, the Houston Zoo serves as a haven for hundreds of animal species from all over the world. Here, there are gorillas, giraffes, elephants, storks, tortoises, and many other species eager to teach you something new about creatures that you didn’t know or ever heard of before. Every year, the Houston Zoo hosts people who get to see and experience this breathtaking man-made wonder.

Over 6,000 residents with claws, fins, wings, and hooves keep the dedicated and passionate team on their toes as they work around the clock to provide meals, shelter, and cutting-edge medical treatment to hundreds of different species. In addition to providing world-class animal care, the Zoo operates as a mini-city, employing electricians, plumbers, accountants, and various other professionals to keep the Zoo functioning smoothly for the safety and well-being of its animals and visitors.


It takes a lot of effort to care for these animals, from maintaining the facilities for gigantic elephants to locating the proper trimmings for tiny leafcutter ants. For the years that the Houston Zoo has been in existence, its mission has always been about bringing people closer to animals and inspiring them to take action to safeguard biodiversity.

Primarily, the Zoo’s mission is to save animals that extend far beyond the boundaries of its walls. The Houston Zoo, which supports wildlife conservation projects in more than 20 countries, seeks to empower its visitors to conserve animals in the wild by encouraging them to engage in simple activities such as recycling old cell phones and using reusable shopping bags when shopping. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from every ticket and Zoo membership purchase is; donated to the Houston Zoo and its partners’ critical conservation efforts.

Opportunities abound those tourists looking to get even closer to their favorite animals than they have previously experienced. Book a unique Animal Encounter trip and get up close and personal with incredible animals such as sea lions, rhinos, sloths, elephants, cheetahs, and more! Alternatively, go behind the scenes with a zookeeper and see areas of the Zoo that are only accessible to Zoo employees to get a sense of what it is like to care for animals daily.

Want something a little more laid-back than what’s available? Please stop by the giraffe feeding platform to give a giraffe its lunch, take a spin on our Wildlife Carousel, or bring your children to the goats’ enclosure to meet them.

Whether your visit to Houston is for a few days or several weeks, a Houston Zoo membership is a fantastic way to enjoy the Zoo all year through. Whether you may be traveling far from Houston, a Zoo membership will cover you, as it provides free admission or savings to more than 100 zoos across the United States!

The Houston Zoo is open 363 days a year, except Thanksgiving and Christmas, when it is closed. Visit now!

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