ImprovCity is the perfect spot for any group looking to have a fun time! Their shows are always different, and they never rehash scenes from previous performances. So come up with your theme, or let them choose one of theirs – you won’t regret it when these hilarious improvisers make things happen on stage at Improcity live in Santa Ana tonight.

The ImprovCity performers are local talents from Orange County. They have been providing these clean live performances since 2009, with 7:30 pm shows being for families, while 9:30 pm shows are for adults since they may contain mature content.

Situated at 527 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, ImprovCity is the place for improv comedy in Southern California. For over 12 years, they’ve been performing professional shows that are fast-paced and interactive with both PG-13 rated family entertainment as well as an Uncensored option if you want more adult material.


This is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys laughter, fun, and surprises in the Irvine, California area. The shows are short-form improvised games that feature professionally trained improv comedians. Every show will be completely different because no two performances can ever happen at the same time or involve any of the same actors/comedians – which means you’re in for an unforgettable experience every visit to ImprovCity.

Improv City Mainstage is the place to be every Friday and Saturday night. Every show features professional improvisational comedians performing games, scenes, and songs made up on the spot based on audience suggestions. It’s always different, so you’ll never get bored of seeing your favorite artists perform at ImprovCityMainStage again. The cast can’t wait until they see YOU there.

In case you’re looking for a show that will keep your whole family entertained, from the youngest child to Grandma and Grandpa, then look no further than Improv City’s 7:30 pm shows. Their 9:45 pm performances are PG-rated with some content appropriate only for children under 17 years old– however, kids in diapers or onesie pajamas can join us at either one. The uncensored performance is rated R due to nudity. However, all ages still enjoy this late-night scene as long as they don’t have any questions afterward about what was said on stage. Unfortunately, nobody answered an earlier question related directly to them, which caused everyone else around him.

Get your excitement levels ready because Thursday and Sunday nights at ImprovCity are filled with high-energy 90-minute shows. Doors open at 7:00 pm for showtime at 7:30 pm.

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