Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is a fantastic place and the perfect spot to take a break from all of life’s pressures. The park has an architecture that will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time, with winding paths and lush green trees surrounding beautifully carved out ponds dotting its landscape. Whether picnicking or sitting by the lake, there are plenty of places around the parks where people can get lost in nature.

This is a beautiful walk in Orlando and is one of the most popular attractions. Along your stroll, you’ll take in picturesque views of downtown Orlando, and there are even places to stop for ice cream or coffee. The path meanders through lush green scenery with benches situated at intervals so that visitors can sit back and enjoy what mother nature has provided them while they’re out enjoying her gift from one generation to another- Lake Eola Park.


Lake Eola Park, situated at 512 E Washington St Orlando 32801, is a popular destination for those on the water. Rent swan paddle boats and enjoy paddling with live cygnets! Located inside of this scenic park as well, you’ll find The Walt Disney Amphitheater – hostess Live concerts or performances these days; typically, it’s reserved only during special events.

The Centennial Fountain in Orlando’s Eola Park has been a popular destination for city dwellers since it was; built. The fountain’s serene waters and beautiful landscaping provide an oasis from the hot summer sun. At the same time, its historical significance as one of Central Florida’s most iconic landmarks makes this a point worth visiting anytime you’re planning your next vacation.

Lovers of nature will find themselves at home in the lush green forest surrounding Lake Eola Park. The almost perfectly circular lake is; surrounded by a one-mile-long sidewalk, making watching runners go around it as easy as pie. But if you don’t want to do any exercise yourself, head on down for some picnic food or an afternoon swim. There are plenty of areas designated specifically for this use only-and watch-out swans are always nearby, waiting patiently until their subsequent chance encounter with someone else’s lazy little neck. But on those lazy afternoons, you can enjoy yourself with one swan-shaped paddle boat hire among real-life swans before grabbing some food at Relax Grill (211 EOLA Pkwy 407-425-8440) or catching an event such as plays at their 900 seat Walt Disney Amphitheater.

Other Nearby Attractions

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