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Lucky Luke Brewing in Palmdale, California is concerned with the art of producing high-quality craft beer. Both a tasting room and a brewery are available. This establishment is suitable for families, and you must bring your food. The brewery was named in honor of Luke Hammons, Brian’s great-grandfather, affectionately known as “Papa.” Throughout Brian’s childhood, he could always rely on his father to make or repair just about anything in his old garage and workshop. Countless science fairs, woodshops, and mother’s day projects were created in that old garage. They were all created using vintage tools that Papa had collected throughout his life. His cherished “Old Chevy,” his 1963 Impala, and Mimi’s 1969 Camaro were all stored in this garage too.

Brian grew up in that garage, where he learned how to work with his hands and acquired a passion for classic American automobiles. When he wasn’t working in the garage, Papa enjoyed spending his evenings in his “playroom,” a house addition that included a bar, pool table, wood-burning heater, and a console television. It was possible to hear Hank Williams or Marty Robbins playing on his old console TV while Papa sat at his bar reading the daily newspaper and enjoying a beer on any given day of the week. A viewing of his collection of 8mm family films, which are flickering on the wall, or a game of pool with aunts, uncles, and friends are likely to take place on any other day. Brian and his wife Samantha were on a quest to “get back to basics” when Brian discovered his passion for brewing beer.

Each ingredient on their dinner table was supposed to be traceable back to its source. Samantha made many meals from scratch, and Brian set out to learn how to make the craft beers he enjoyed so much with those dinners from scratch himself. Like many other things he did, brewing turned into something more than a recreational activity or hobby. Having progressed from brewing beer in the kitchen using Samantha’s cooking equipment to brewing on a homemade home brewery in their garage, he and Samantha have since established their craft brewery.

Unfortunately, Papa died in 2009. We imagine he would be pleased to sit at his new bar and admire his painstakingly repaired Old Chevy and other treasures that made his garage and playroom such pleasant places to spend time with his family. Thank you for visiting Lucky Luke Brewing Company. Some rare artifacts belonged to Papa here, as well as a few beers were named after things you may find in the old garage or playhouse, which you might locate in the basement. The love we have for every element and procedure that goes into creating these handcrafted beers is contagious, and we want nothing more than to raise a glass with you in remembrance of, and in respect to, the great people in your life. While brewing our brews, The Lucky Luke Brewing Company family, many memories, to good times past, present, and future, thank you for your support. To you and yours, cheers!

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