Marie Kerr Park

Marie Kerr Park is located on the northeast corner of 30th Street West and Rancho Vista Boulevard, in Rancho Vista, California near Palmdale. The park has a total area of 57 acres, with 20 acres dedicated solely to parking. In addition, there’s an amphitheater, softball complex, leisure center, community pool, and a wide variety of other facilities in this community destination park.

Marie Kerr Park

The following are some of the park’s amenities:

  • Amphitheater
  • The West Recreation Center Pool is the best of the best.
  • Three full basketball courts and one half basketball court are available.
  • Developing a Sense of Community
  • Courts for basketball
  • Three covered picnic shelters are also available.
  • Tables
  • Grills for barbecuing
  • There are two playgrounds.
  • Skateboarding facility
  • There are three soccer fields.
  • Tetherball poles on one softball field
  • There are two tennis courts.
  • a whole lot
  • Volleyball court made of sand
  • Path for walking and jogging
  • Programmed Activities at Marie Kerr Park

Come to the park to play free classic recreation games and activities with the Parks and Recreation Department’s recreation staff during park programming hours. Sports ball rentals, arts & crafts, board games, and field games, are all provided for free by the park staff. To be eligible for a free sports ball, you must present collateral such as a car or home key, a valid ID card, or a valid Library card, among other things. The renter must be at least 18 years old. All minors are required to be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times. The Marie Kerr Park Community Building, located on 30th Street West and Rancho Vista, is a great place to meet with friends. The community building, conveniently located near a playground and basketball courts.

The Marie Kerr Park Recreation Center in Palmdale is a hive of activity right now! There is a large activity room with a movable partition, that can be divided into three smaller areas for events and private reservations. There is also a restaurant, spacious dance room with wall-mounted ballet bars and mirrored walls, a youth room, and a large gymnasium available at the center. Various recreation programs are available at the center for people of all ages and abilities. Some of these include arts & crafts, dance, fitness workshops for all ages, yoga, and kid enrichment classes, to name a few seasonal activities that are available.

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