Musical Theatre Village

Musical Theatre Village is a family-friendly theater located in the Irvine area near the Spectrum. Each year, they present six family-oriented plays, all performed by talented actors from their community. So get your tickets now for an affordable evening out with friends and loved ones – check their schedule via to find one that works best for you.

The Musical Theater village offers unique Southern California culture: reasonably priced quality performances. The productions range widely genre-wise but always provide audience members with many ways to be entertained while learning about other cultures through dance numbers.

Musical Theatre Village

At the Musical Theatre Village in Irvine, you can find a place that will have something for everyone. For over 25 years, they’ve presented six different musicals each year showcasing talented individuals from around Southern Orange County – brothers and sisters together with moms, dads, cousins, friends all working on their next great show.

Situated at 36-C Mauchly, Irvine, CA 92618, Musical Theatre Village is where anyone can take the stage and be seen as they are. For actors, this means being able to explore different roles without fear of discrimination because of their gender identity or race; for audience members, it’s about not feeling like an outsider in your community theater environment.

The Musical Theater Village provides opportunities for all to benefit–regardless of age, ethnicity/race (or sexual orientation), disability status. You get my point: there isn’t one type among us who wouldn’t enjoy themselves more if surrounded by people just like us – at MTV.

Their Royal Court’s leadership program for 13-year-olds is a place where they take on significant responsibilities and learn how to work as part of an ensemble. Each week, the troupe welcomes audience members with their unique introduction before performances begin.

MTV nurtures and rewards students who study the arts. They offer two scholarships each year for high school seniors. In addition, many continue toward presidential level grants because of their theater experience in leadership roles or special needs candidates who need extra support to succeed on stage. Finally, the program welcomes retirees and professionals interested in musicals – all finding a home at MTV.

Also, The Musical Theatre Village provides a safe and friendly environment for special needs groups. For an enjoyable afternoon or evening out, seniors can go to the Irvine location, where they’ll be treated like royalty with reasonable ticket prices on offer. Students who grow up in this home away from home learn time management skills while balancing schoolwork and acting roles here at MTV.

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Musical Theatre Village Gallery

Musical Theatre Village Gallery

Musical Theatre Village Gallery

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