National Mall and Veterans Memorial

National Mall and Veterans Memorial is a manicured park part of the National Mall and Memorial Parks. This park is an official unit of the United States National Park System. It is located, downtown Washington, D.C., the capital city of the United States, and is administered by the National Park Service (NPS), an agency of the United States Department of the Interior (USDI).

The name “National Mall” refers to regions that are legally part of the adjoining West Potomac Park to the south and west, as well as Constitution Gardens to the west, and are frequently referred to as such. When used in this context, the entire area between the Lincoln Memorial on the west and the United States Capitol grounds on the east is referred to as the National Mall. With the Washington Monument serving as a natural boundary somewhat west of the area’s midway. A lesser classification frequently referred to as the National Mall (proper) excludes both the Capitol grounds and the grounds of the Washington Monument, extending only to a section of land between the two monuments’ land.


The National Mall is home to and borders several Smithsonian Institution museums, art galleries, cultural institutions, and several memorials, sculptures, and statues, all of which are open to the public. Every year, the park draws around 24 million visitors from throughout the world.

The National Park Service (NPS) defined the boundaries of the National Mall (proper) in its 1981 National Register of Historic Places. Nomination form as Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues on the north, 1st Street NW on the east, Independence and Maryland Avenues on the south, and 14th Street NW on the west, except for the section of land bordered by Jefferson Drive on the north, Independence Avenue on the south, and by 12th and 14th Streets respectively on the east and west, was designated as a (U.S. Department of Agriculture Administration Building). According to the National Park Service’s National Parks Index for 2012-2016 is a manicured park that stretches from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and is designated as a key axis in the L’Enfant Plan for the city of Washington.

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Lincoln Memorial

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Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial, the most well-known of all of Washington’s memorials, is located at the far end of the Mall, separated from the Washington Monument by the Reflecting Pool, and is the most visited. The center of the Mall has a 19-foot marble monument of President Abraham Lincoln, who is seated and contemplative. The statue is surrounded by 36 columns, one for each of the states that existed during the time of Lincoln’s death. This sculpture is Daniel Chester French’s most well-known work.  Read More

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