The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Located at 10th Street and Constitution Ave, Washington DC, DC 20560, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is the most prestigious in America. It opened to the public shortly after its inauguration in 1910 with a collection that would eventually comprise some 8 million specimens and objects from around 75 countries worldwide, including human remains, as well as dinosaurs’ bones. This incredible space houses many different types of exhibits for children and strives to educate adults too so they can appreciate everything our world has been blessed with, from animals big or small to plants strange yet beautiful.

The Smithsonian National Museum houses one of the world’s most comprehensive collections. This collection includes items that date back to prehistoric times. The museum is situated on the Mall in Washington DC and partaken by amateurs and professionals alike – this prestigious museum guarantees you’ll see something new every time.
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The Smithsonian is a place where you can go to learn about the planet. The museum’s collections tell a critical part in human history–the story so many have forgotten over time. From fossilized bone tracks from long ago, dinosaurs walked on earth more than 150 million years ago, right up until today’s modern technology with its discoveries every day.

This prestigious museum plays a vital role in helping people discover the world and learn how to be better stewards. The breadth, depth, curiosity, all these things combined with their ability as an institution make them a one-of-a-kind resource for anyone who wants knowledge about nature or science alike.

Scientists at this museum are always on a quest to learn more about the earth and its inhabitants. They conduct their research in laboratories and out in nature, building up an understanding of conservation efforts or public health initiatives around the world.

The curiosity-driven scientists work with other organizations such as NASA Ames Research Center, looking into climate change science, among many other things.

The Smithsonian is home to a collection that includes 145 million specimens and artifacts. Each one reflects an event in time, with each moment telling us something different about our planet’s story; it also helps researchers study the earth’s past so they can model future events better than ever before.

Besides, this is more than just an art gallery. It’s also home to one-of-a-kind exhibits with in-depth scientific analysis on display for millions around the world each year, who come not only to admire but learn about our planet too.

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