The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a beautiful architecture that suits its surroundings so well; you would never think that the construction would last in this modern-day age. The city’s master designer Pierre L’ Enfant could hardly have imagined a vital anchor to the west end capitol building. Located in front with lush green trees lining up alongside the Potomac River, nestled against Capitol Hill where we find ourselves today – made more powerful being right at ground zero when America saw her independence finally come alive.

The Lincoln Memorial is a powerful and subdued tribute to the 16th President of the United States. The peaceful atmosphere belies a year’s worth of disagreement over what type of memorial should be built and where it would stand. But in 1957, Congress approved construction on this incredible structure which now stands tall with one ultimate goal: “To provide for temporal homage.”

Located at 2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington DC, 20037. The Lincoln Memorial is a beloved national park in Washington, D.C. It all started with two men who knew President Abraham Lincoln well: Shelby M. Cullom from Illinois and Joseph G . Cannonee of Indiana. They worked together on this project because they wanted an American hero to be honored forever, even though most Americans didn’t know much about him.  Not faded away like some people claimed would happen back when he was alive (of course). The bill passed through Congress with both sides’ support. 

The Lincoln Memorial is a beautiful and thoughtful homage to our nation’s greatest President. John Hay was one of Lincoln’s White House secretaries, so he knew what an important role he played in shaping this country and its history with profound words from letters, speeches, or diary entries. It makes sense that these would translate into good advice about where the best place should be to build such a memorial. 

Distinguished by being separate from other monuments but not too far gone on distance themselves; timelessness achieved through simplicity without sacrificing artistic dignity at any point during the construction process.

The Lincoln Memorial is a powerful reminder that while our country was, divided on issues such as race, class, and gender, there are moments when we came together to recognize the sacrifices made by Americans in every generation. It’s also an opportunity to reflect upon how far this great nation has come since its inception of losing approximately 600,000 soldiers during World War II, until today, where women can vote and serve freely without restrictions based solely upon their sex.

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