Venice Canals Walkway

Venice Canals Walkway is a popular place to stretch your legs in Los Angeles CA. Along both sides, there are quiet walking paths between tightly packed homes and boats where you can spot small docks with colorful canoes or kayaks on them, as well as people enjoying their day by taking leisurely strolls along this scenic route that connects two different parts of town.

On your next visit to Venice, be sure not to miss out on the canals. These waterside pathways were created in the early 1900’s and mimic those found throughout Italy’s famed city of historic waterways; however, most other modern-day Venetians fill them in or pave over with streets for driving and parking spaces instead (although there is plenty left).


The walkway is an easy way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Los Angeles’ urban waterways. Stretching for 2 miles, it features walking paths along with views that stretch across three bridges and four locks! If you’re visiting any one of these areas (or anywhere else), be sure not to miss this great opportunity – just follow your nose towards The Water’s Edge Restaurant on California Street or stop by Gable House Brewery beforehand if needed fuel up for the journey ahead because there won’t be another chance like it again until next year and take note-you’ll find lots more.

The Venice Canals by Los Angeles CA is a hidden treasure you must discover. You will be blown away by how beautiful they look and feel, even if it seems like any other canal might do the trick! The canals run along four channels with sidewalks for walking beside them or bridges over water to take pictures from above ground level on whatever looks best at that moment of time during your day-long journey exploring this unique destination found just off 25th Street near Venice Beach. The Venetian Canal system is one that has been overlooked until recently when people started taking trips down their waterways after reading up about all things interesting here, like having lunch overlooking ocean views while enjoying some music coming out.

The Venice Canals are one of the most unique things you can do during a day at the beach. Located right off 25th Street in Venice Beach, they’re hidden away from view unless you know where to look for them- and even then, it may take some effort as there’s little signage or advertising their presence other than what appears below: “Explore Los Angeles’ Most Beautiful Secret.” But don’t let this dissuade anyone. There is no wrong way down these side waterways – simply pick whichever channel strikes your fancy first thing each morning after breakfast (or if none exist yet that day). When atop any bridge overlooking those enticing waters ahead.

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