The National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery is the United States’ national museum of art and history. The museum was founded as a gift to our country, to serve not only as an educational center but also as a place to promote culture. Through its collections spanning over 150 thousand pieces dating back from centuries ago. The permanent display includes paintings by masters like da Vinci or Monet; sculptures such as Rodin’s “The Gates Of Hell”; prints created during different eras such as Japanese woodblock printing at Edo period (1615-1868). Every year there are many special exhibitions offered and open, without charge, allowing visitors to see new works alongside old favorites.

The National Gallery of Art was a vision given to the people by Andrew W. Mellon, a financier and art collector who served as secretary of the treasury under four presidents from 1921- 1932. He came to believe that America had no world-class national gallery like those found in other nations, so he set out on this project with extraordinary effort ensuring its completion for public display. He worked tirelessly until he could make this dream reality – He gave the National to people across North America.

This museum is a place where you can discover new artists and stay up to date with the latest trends. The collection has over two million works by famous or emerging artists such as Picasso, da Vinci, and Warhol. Not only does it have otherworldly masterpieces that will take your breath away, but its massive collection offers something for everyone. From ancient Egyptian sculptures and British paintings from Tudor Times up to modern-day artists like Picasso. There’s no shortage when looking at what you love or want more information about in history’s finest works of fine arts here on display—and not just one country represented either with an impressive international scope (though Germany has plenty!). So whether someone loves Impressionist Claude Monet prints showcasing picturesque Parisian scenes captured during sunny days long ago.

The National Gallery is constantly adding new paintings to its permanent collection. The National Gallery houses more than 4,000 paintings from European and American artists spanning a wide range of periods. In addition to the artwork in this collection, there are also nearly 70k prints dating back to around the 11th century which you can find detailed information about each object here.

Located at Constitution Ave NW 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC, 20002, the National Gallery is the perfect place for anyone who appreciates the arts. They also have over 3 thousand sculptures that can be seen, in both old schools on display or more contemporary pieces.

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