Blackbird Airpark

The Air Force Flight Test (AFFT) Museum at Edwards AFB in Palmdale, including Blackbird Airpark, was dedicated on September 27, 1991, as an extension to the museum. It is the only place in the world where you can see a Lockheed SR-71A and its precursor, the A-12, as well as the once ultra-secret D-21 drone and the sole remaining U-2 “D” variant in the world.

The Blackbird Airpark, located at 2503 East Avenue P, sits next to the United States Air Force Plant 42. There are four unusual and historically significant planes on exhibit at this 3-acre park: an SR-71 Blackbird, an A-12 test plane, a U-2D Dragonlady, is the sole surviving aircraft of its type, and a D-21 drone, which was once a top-secret military secret. The Blackbird Heritage Wall pays tribute to people involved with the aircraft.

Blackbird Airpark

The Blackbird Airpark was built to preserve the illustrious history of the Blackbird family of military planes. The Airpark offers an exciting and informative experience to visitors worldwide. Through the restoration, preservation, and display of these one-of-a-kind aircraft.

Design and crew members of the Blackbird aircraft development and mission execution throughout the Cold War era commemorated in the Blackbird Heritage Courtyard brick installation. Visitors are encouraged to purchase bricks inscribed with their names or the names of someone they wish to remember or honor. The bricks are among the names of Blackbird pioneers such as Lockheed’s Clarence “Kelly” Johnson, the CIA’s Allen Dulles, the U-2’s first flight pilot Tony LeVier, the A-12’s first flight pilot Lou Schalk, and the SR-71’s first flight pilot Bob Gilliland, among others.

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