Staples Center

Staples Center, situated at 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015-1300, is the Sports and Entertainment Centre of the World, with an unrivaled reputation for excellence. More than 76 million guests had come to this venue in Los Angeles over twenty-two years ago when Bruce Springsteen opened up on October 17th, 1999, for his first concert at The STAPLES Center – now known all around as simply “The Boss” or “Broadway Blues Boy” depending who you ask.

This venue located in Los Angeles central has been home to some of the world’s most prestigious events, from rock concerts and sporting games. The arena was opened in 1999 by Bruce Springsteen with a performance that attracted more than 76 million guests over its 22-year history as an AEG property-owned STAPLES center.


The center has been the superior venue for all four professional sports franchises to play in. The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers both captured six championships at home, while two Stanley Cup finals were also played there within that decade alone. With these successes under their belt, Staples is now an unfavorable place of competition if any sort stands against them because, let’s face it–you don’t want your opponent having complete control over which team wins games right off the bat, do you?

Staples Center is a venue that continues to distinguish itself as the host of major, high-profile events in both national and international circles. Events range from NBA All-Star Weekends (2004), NHL All-Star Games (2011 & 2018), U.S. Figure Skating Championships(2002), Democratic National Conventions 2000&2009 with GRAMMY awards shows also making appearances on this list.

Staples Center has a long and prestigious history of hosting performances by some of the most famous musicians in music. From Bon Jovi to Shania Twain, this venue is an incredible place for fans from all walks of life who want to catch their favorite artists live as they perform on stage.

In addition, Staples also brings global sports stars such as LeBron James or Serena Williams into town when it is not occupied with other events that draw even bigger names like Taylor Swift or Adele. This year’s show will be no exception – we expect many more well-known performers at one time than ever before, so don’t miss out.

During the holiday season, Staples Center and L.A. LIVE serve as a hub for engaging in community service activities such as company-wide volunteering during AEG’s Season of Giving event held throughout December, where foundations spotlight more than two dozen local charities to collect food items while registering volunteers with City Year’s help; they also provide supplies like toilet paper or cleaning kits so that people can get involved at their own pace.

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