The U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Capitol is, situated on East Capitol St NE & First St SE, Washington DC, 20004. The building is a monumental symbol for America and its government. It is one of the most architecturally attractive buildings in the world. Not to mention all the stunning art collections inside. 

No building in America is as iconic or critical to the history and identity of our country as The U.S. Capitol Building. It has been here for more than two centuries, ever since Congress first convened at this site. The U.S Capitol is an impressive building that has served as a place of residence for U.S. Senators, Representatives and demonstrates American democracy at work. The Capitol also houses many significant historical events that take place in our nation.

the US capitol front view

Construction of this Iconic building began in 1793 and is still standing today and is one of the most iconic buildings in America. The building represents democracy and illustrates that although the government might grow over time, the architecture can unite us together no matter how different we are from each other.

The first completed portion (the North Wing) served as both home away from home while Congress met here during the 1800s. America’s westward expansion led them to need additional space; by 1855, they had authorized major extensions at either end–a South addition.

The U.S. Capitol has great historical significance, not only for America but also throughout the world, as one single building that symbolizes democracy in action. Since its construction over two centuries ago, it has grown in size and contains many vital features to make your visit enjoyable. These features include an underground visitor center which can accommodate up to 2 million people per year when at capacity.

The Visitor Center is a newer addition that houses tours, gift shops, restaurants, and other amenities for those who visit the historic complex. 

The mission of the U.S Capitol Visitor Center is to provide a welcoming and educational environment for visitors who wish to learn about our nation’s legislative process. Their goal is to ensure each visitor has an unforgettable time at this facility while they are here on government business or personal matters.

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