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Imagine stepping into your childhood fantasy world. The Wizarding World at Universal Orlando Resort is the place to do it, where you can take a trip through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now you can have your wizarding adventure of a lifetime at Universal Studios Florida with the new Wizarding World. This area is connected by a short train ride on The Hogwarts Express and great photo opportunities.
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The new Veloci Coaster at the resort is an intense ride through a raptor paddock and over its lagoon. You can even get off on this coaster as it makes loops, turns, and zigzags before taking you back to safety. Of course, you can’t ride the Jurassic Park Velocicoaster without first making your way through a fun Harry Potter-themed area. After that, it’s time for some high adrenaline excitement on this new roller coaster. You’ll be taken into raptor country and experience what life would have been like if these terrifying creatures had never gone extinct – or at least not in our world anymore (I’m sure there are plenty out there, though). This is an intense coaster with twists and turns galore as well as dips down low enough, so riders will feel their stomachs drop out from beneath them before safely landing back up again near safety after each dip/ turn combination has passed by.

Universal Orlando Resort is home to some of America’s most famous and popular theme parks. But it also has a reputation for being overwhelming because there are so many attractions, rides, shows, etc., that you may get lost or stuck waiting in line longer than expected.

Located at 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819, Universal Orlando Resort is a mecca for fans of all things Harry Potter and Marvel, but what about those who want something else? For everyone looking to have their mind blown with the latest from Transformers or Spider-Man respectively, in addition to a fantastic theme park experience, this place has everything you could ask for.

The VIP Universal Experience sounds like a steal at $329. With complimentary valet parking and behind-the-scenes tours, you get priority access to your favorite attractions, in addition to reserved seating that will ensure no one else’s lapses interrupt the experience for fear of missing something important.

You and your family deserve a vacation as you mean it at Universal Orlando Resort – where every heart-pounding, jaw-dropping second counts. With two incredible theme parks (and more to come!), three magnificently themed on-site hotels along with their nightlife complex for an extra something special in between trips around town or just taking some much-needed rest after all of this fun.

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