Sea Life Orlando Aquarium

SEA LIFE Orlando, Florida Aquarium is a fantastic place to glimpse into life in oceans all around our planet. You can find more than 5,000 fish and marine mammals, from sharks to jellyfish, at this aquarium.

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium offers an experience like no other. From the very first time you visit, it’s easy to fall in love with these ocean dwellers and their fascinating world! Visitors can learn about more than 5 thousand different creatures from around the globe, including sea turtles, seahorses, octopuses, and jellyfish, right before your eyes at our numerous displays that recreate habitats found beneath the water. In addition, insect feeding opportunities throughout day-long presentations by staff members who share conservation messages along the way too. If all this wasn’t enough, there are also live animal shows daily where you get up close & personal–including views into glass tunnels featuring sharks.

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Situated at ICON Park, in the heart of International Drive Orlando, SEA LIFE Orlando, Florida Aquarium is a fun and educational attraction that will take you through the fantastic world of animals. In addition, there are free scheduled talks that provide an in-depth look at what makes these creatures so unique, where their needs come from (including how YOU can help!), as well as ways for children to get involved with conservation efforts around our globe.
This is also an educational, hands-on experience that will leave you wanting more. The aquarium offers guests the chance to explore its many sea creatures through a combination of education and entertainment in their quest for knowledge about these fascinating aquatic life forms. Aquarium visitors can choose when they would like to visit SEA LIFE: outdoors during regular business hours or indoors on select days throughout park operating periods with extended family fun.

At SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, engage your sense of smell with the various habitats themed after Florida’s subtropical environment and surroundings. More than 30 displays, an ocean tank (live animal encounters encouraged), a glass tunnel for viewing fish, and a video theater that tells you how jellyfish help keep our oceans clean by harvesting plankton.

With a glass tunnel that offers 360-degree views of stingrays and sharks, Sea Life Aquarium is an excellent place to learn about sea urchins. Educating the public on their conservation efforts also falls within its focus as they host ray feeding demonstrations throughout the day along with other informative presentations by hosts at different times during your visit.

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