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Capitol Hill, located at First St and East Capitol St NE, Washington DC, DC 20004, has been a popular place to live for centuries. The 19th-century row houses offer an old-fashioned feel with the modern amenities of today, such as easy access and plenty of parking along its marketplaces or restaurants filled up night after dinner party date. Whether you’re looking into apartments here in Washington, D.C., or are on your way up through politics like we did years ago when I met my husband at work. Together with friends from college who moved next door, Capitol Hill will always have something fun going down, so come check it out.

Capitol Hill is the beating heart of democracy in America. Touring this iconic building will give you a sense of how politics run on both sides. With small guided groups guiding visitors under its intricately painted dome and past perfectly preserved Old Supreme Court Chamber – but only if they have reserved beforehand or know when Congresses’ sessions are happening.

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On the edge of Capitol Hill stands a structure, the Library of Congress, that has been both influential and contentious. Built in 1897, this style-setting building can be seen by all who stop at its doors to tour through one hundred years worth of history, including gilt murals from Italy; Italian Renaissance architecture with captivating details like arches on staircases leading up into the lobby area. It is a beautiful example for anyone seeking education about America’s past or present.

The best way to explore Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is by foot or bike! This historical area features stunning architecture from all over the world as well as local businesses that are worth checking out if you’re looking for something special in your trip itinerary – including restaurants with exceptional cuisine. You’ll find all you might need to know about Capital Hill hotels, from the best ones that are family-friendly and budget-friendly. No matter what type of traveler you are – there’s something for everyone.

In case you’re looking for a slice of history, Capitol Hill is the place. Here on these famous inclines are some government buildings that have been around since before our country was even founded. Take Instagram-worthy shots with views across from The Supreme Court and towards Washington DC’s iconic monuments at night time, while appreciating how lucky we were back when there wasn’t much beyond this hill. Or maybe take advantage during daylight hours to get close-up pictures in front yards where people can see them easily without ever climbing more than 100 feet above ground level.

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Located at 10th Street and Constitution Ave, Washington DC, DC 20560, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is the most prestigious in America. It opened to the public shortly after its inauguration in 1910 with a collection that would eventually comprise some 8 million specimens and objects from around 75 countries worldwide, including human remains, as well as dinosaurs’ bones. This incredible space houses many different types of exhibits for children and strives to educate adults too so they can appreciate everything our world has been blessed with, from animals big or small to plants strange yet beautiful.  Read More

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