Original Farmers Market

The Original Farmers Market is a collection of food booths, sit-down restaurants, prepared food sellers, and vegetable markets located on Fairfax Avenue and 3rd Street in Los Angeles, California. The Market was founded in 1926 and launched in July 1934. It is now a historic landmark and popular tourist destination in Los Angeles.

In 1880, Arthur Fremont Gilmore and his business partner from Illinois purchased two dairy farms in the Los Angeles area. Gilmore purchased what is now known as The Original Farmers Market, and his business partner purchased the property parcel that is now known as the Grove.

In 2000, the partners agreed to divide their assets. As a result, Gilmore inherited the enormous 256-acre ranch, dairy herd, and farmhands at the world-famous Original Farmers Market and Grove in Santa Rosa, California. The Market began when a dozen adjacent farmers started to park their trucks on a field to sell fresh food to inhabitants in the surrounding community. There was a fifty-cent per day rental fee for the facility.
When oil was discovered beneath the land while drilling for water wells in 1905, the dairy farm became the Gilmore Oil Company, which later became known as the Salt Lake Oil Field. Earl Bell (E.B.) Gilmore, the son of A.F. Gilmore, succeeded his father in the family enterprise. The younger Gilmore became involved in midget car racing and brought professional football to Los Angeles. To accommodate the Hollywood Stars baseball team, including Bing Crosby, Barbara Stanwyck, and Cecil B. DeMille, he constructed Gilmore Field.

Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles

When Television City; was built in 1952, The Original Farmers Market provided a handy spot to shop and eat for those working or visiting the television production facility.

Jack and Eileen Smith’s Country Kitchen (placed next to the still-open Du- par’s) was a popular hangout for celebrities and their entourages throughout the 1970s. Mickey Rooney may occasionally be; found behind the counter of the restaurant.

Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc. set to design a significant restoration, enlargement, and master plan for the Market, completed in the early 1990s. They started the project to create new retail, office, and services spaces and reorganize the site’s circulation and parking.

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