Tokyo Table Irvine

Tokyo Table Irvine offers a selection of Japanese food that will satisfy your appetite. With Happy Hour deals nightly, you can enjoy quality eats till late at night with groovy music in this eatery near Diamond Jamboree. Eating at Tokyo Table Irvine is so much fun. You can hang out with other people till late at night and have a great time, enjoying groovy music while you eat. The specials are constantly changing, so there will be something new every day of the week for everyone to enjoy– even if it’s just their favorite dish from earlier in the month, this incredible restaurant also offers Happy Hour deals daily.

Tokyo Table Irvine

Tokyo Table is a restaurant in Orange County that offers traditional Japanese cuisine with an exciting twist. Their name pays homage to our homeland, where we create entertaining dining experiences for both locals and tourists alike. Tokyo Table is the perfect place to go for those who love Japanese cuisine. The menu focuses on innovative dishes served in an exciting setting, and each dish has a unique story behind it made with love.

Situated at 2710 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, California 92606, Tokyo Table is the perfect place for those looking to explore and experience new flavors. With over 100 menu items, we offer something everyone will love! In addition, our interactive show brings your taste buds on an entertaining journey as our talented chefs prepare dishes from around Japan’s famous cuisine right before you in real-time at this exciting restaurant near Irvine Spectrum Mall.

They strive every day to provide delicious food and incredible experiences that make each guest feel like a celebrity upon leaving their establishment because who doesn’t want some quality company while dining out?

A dining table is an area of our homes where family comes together, memories, and conversation is shared. A key venue for building relationships with friends or loved ones can be found in this room- one that symbolizes unity between generations as well.

The tables at Tokyo Table Irvine are explicitly made to suit Western aesthetics while maintaining Japanese craftsmanship. They’re designed so you’ll never have trouble finding a place for everyone around your dinner setting – even if some guests show up late (or early!)

This family-style restaurant offers 100 menu items to accommodate everyone’s taste. However, the service focuses on “The Table,” where guests can enjoy shared cuisine while sitting next to each other at one large table, enjoying genuine care from our servers in the process.

The future of dining in America is now at your fingertips. Tokyo Table Irvine started as a humble Japanese restaurant until it grew into something more. They want to preserve face-to-face interactions within people’s lives and create an environment where their employees can give heartfelt service while also growing personally, so they are ready for anything life may throw their way.

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