Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park, situated at 2000 N Fuller Ave Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90046-2308, is home to some of the most scenic views in Los Angeles. It has been ranked as one of America’s top ten hiking destinations, showing up on lists compiled by publishers who specialize in outdoor exploration for their readership’s enjoyment. Runyan offers multiple loops with great photo opportunities that are perfect day trips or longer treks off-the-beaten-path.

This park is among the best-hiking destinations in LA, which makes it no surprise that this 130-acre dog park located on Hollywood’s east end would show up so often as a favorite. Hikers are treated with great views over their heads while they enjoy multiple overlapping loops here.

Runyon up view

Runyon Canyon is among the most famous hiking trails around Los Angeles. and is also an excellent place for quick exercise. The 1.9-mile route has 500 feet of elevation change while 2-3 miles with 700+ ft provide a more rigorous workout. To make it easier on yourself, when starting out at 0.85 mi/200’ climb go up to Mulholland Drive instead so that there won’t be much walking required before getting into nature’s beauty-full force.

The views of Runyon Canyon Park, one of the most scenic parks in Los Angeles, are absolutely breathtaking, and you can get an amazing workout hiking up its many trails to see them all! There’s also an easier route starting from Mulholland Drive for those who might not want their legs burning on steep slopes or prefer shorter walks with less elevation change than other options available at this location.

This park is a great place for those who want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. The trails are crowded, so if you’re looking for peace, this isn’t your destination. If, however, a public space with tons of people watching sounds like just what we need, then look no further than Runyons Canyon find; it has everything from scenic views (and spectacular sunsets!) as well as plenty more room on its paths where one can jog or run without interruption by cars.

The trails in Runyon Canyon Park are well-trodden and can feel congested. The landscape is diverse, with wide dirt and paved fire roads as well as single-track paths that present steeper hiking challenges for those who enjoy it.  A walk through Runyon Canyon Park will make you feel like your presence on earth is insignificant. The amazing trails are wide dirt and paved fire roads, with plenty of room to move around, but single-track hiking can be more treacherous- as they present steeper terrain that may not have been maintained by nature or man (or both). It’s easy enough for humans since there’s an off-leash area where dogs run free too.

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