Transplants Brewing Company

Transplants Brewing Company, which recently opened in the Palmdale, CA area, specializes in hoppy west coast ales and innovative specialties. They seek to create delectable products, and they are constantly pondering new ideas and approaches for their beers to improve their quality. Although Los Angeles draws in individuals from all over the world, its beer recipes are inspired by diverse, international, and cultural influences that regularly blur the lines between culinary and brewing sensibilities. As a result, transplants Brewing Company is known for “Ales for the Unrooted” in literal and figurative dimensions.

Transplants Brewing Company

When their neighbor Charles introduced them to brewing, Sarah and Matthew Luker were immediately intrigued and began brainstorming and developing innovative concepts and ideas with him. As a result, they have been refining their recipes and receiving homebrew awards for their non-traditional specialty beers throughout time. These homebrews include Filbert, a Chocolate Hazelnut Brown ale, Spruce Moose, and Cascadian Dark Ale made with molasses, spruce tips, and other natural ingredients. The homebrewers at BEAVER and Yeastside surround themselves with supportive, talented people and continue to help grow their membership and active participation.

The couple was inspired and determined to open their brewery after winning Best in Show at the AV show in 2013 and making an extremely hop IPA collaboration with their pals at Bravery Brewing in Palmdale called “Plant Trance.” After learning they shared a similar vision for starting a brewery, the group came together. They banded together to form a partnership, joined forces, and began planning as the project took shape.

Sarah and Matt celebrated their wedding anniversary by embarking on Oregon and Washington’s epic two-week craft beer tour. They came back more inspired and driven than they had ever been to continue advancing their brewing mission. The day after they returned, they received an unexpected follow-up call from an audition they had attended a month earlier. Even though they were racing down to a sculpture class in Culver City, using whatever bottles they could find. They ended up having their S’mores Porter served in an unaired Craft Beer Virgins part of the Los Angeles Brew Dogs episode, which is now available for your viewing pleasure. They were ecstatic to offer their brews and received great feedback from Martin, James, and the rest of the crew, the sculptors who tried them.

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